Excited to introduce my newest service! 



Service cost $65 and is an hour and a half long!

Yes it’s a real thing!! And it’s awesome!! 


What is a vajacial?! 

A revitalizing facial treatment implemented post Brazilian wax! 


Why a vajacial?! 


  • Treats ingrown hairs 

  • Removes dead skin cells

  • Maintain healthy,hydrated skin

  • Helps lighten scars and dark spots

  • Improves texture of skin

  • Prevents further ingrowns


What included in treatment?! 


  • Steam

  • Double cleanse with exfoliation

  •  Mild enzyme peel

  • Removal of ingrown‘s if needed 

  • Resurfacing tool to help further smooth skin

  • Mask to help with redness and hydration

  • Lightening  treatment to help with dark spots

  • And too finish off with a moisturizer. 


The results 

  • Hydrated ,improved texture

  • Less in growns  

  • Lightning of dark spots

  •  Prevention of ingrown’s 


How long is vajacial and what’s the cost? 


Vajacial takes half hour and cost $65 can be added after your Brazilian wax! The perfect post waxing treatment!! 


Book you appointment today! 


Looking forward to your first vajacial!!